Most parents I talk to comment on the lack of careers and higher education guidance available to their children.

This is where Uniexpert fills a very real gap.

I work to make a difference

I know I have made a difference to the lives of thousands of young people considering their higher education and career direction and my success stories hopefully show this. My main focus has been with teenagers and young adults in 6th form and further education, but I have also supported hundreds of mature students in making successful applications to university and beyond. During my career I have worked closely with universities and with employers from most sectors of industry. I draw on this experience and knowledge in my discussions with individuals and, of course, with parents.

The value of 1 to 1 guidance

When good decisions are made it suually comes down to ‘talking it through’ with someone who’s ‘opinions you trust’. That is how I see the process of 1 to 1 careers and higher education guidance that springs from honest, open and impartial discussion. Young people in particular, when making difficult decisions about university and degree choice, are bombarded with ‘advice’ from teachers, parents, relatives and experts. Advice can be contradictory and conflict with original ideas and plans. This is where face to face guidance is vital, helping that person get the ‘next step right’ by making the connection between higher education, career and the individual concerned.

Continued support

My clients have all said that, in addition to expert knowledge of the HE market, what they valued most of all was to have a professional companion through their journey to University. Sometimes an hour or two is sufficient to focus on a specific Career / HE issue but invariably more appointments and ‘talk’ space are needed to address other related factors. In my 20 + years experience, careers professionals, schools, colleges and parents are in agreement that having one person to turn to works best, rather than relying on a single isolated discussion that rarely tackles all the issues needed throughout the journey to higher education.

Mature Students

Having successfully supported hundreds of mature applicants into higher education I know that the situations in your lives can lead to complex questions about funding and ‘readiness’ for university study. I bring experience and knowledge to our guidance sessions and, more importantly, answers to your questions and doubts. Partners, wives and husbands need to be on board and part of the decisions made. Most young people start their road to a degree with the question "What do I want to study?". Adults usually ask themselves other questions too. "Will a degree secure a better future for me and my family?" or "I need to know that I will have enough money to live" or "I'm giving up my job and need to be confident that it's the right decision for me"

E mail me and let's talk before you start your journey.
By the way - 40% of students entering Higher Education are mature applicants. So you will not be on your own.
“Continued contact with an expert like Richard was key to my successful University application.” Nicky W