When many people thought I was mad applying to Durham you gave me the confidence to keep that choice as one of my 5. But you kept my feet firmly on the ground and helped me make four more ‘wise choices’.
Being out of education for several years I did not find the Access to HE diploma easy. Richard motivated me by helping me decide which Universities to apply for. He seemed to know the best ones for me and guided me through the application process, the dreaded personal statement and what to look out for at the interview and assessment stages. This encouraged me to work harder at my Access Diploma, as I saw a purpose to what I was studying. Without his regular help I know I would have struggled. So a big thank you Richard.
Your comments about my Statement were not patronising – I knew you made sense. Other students didn’t make it because they thought they knew best. I am certain I would not be studying Economics at Warwick, one of the top ten uni’s without your ‘counsel’. Thank you.
Being new to the UK I was not familiar with the UCAS application process and in particular the importance placed by universities on the personal statement. Silly I know but I assumed as long as you get the grades that’s it. Richard carefully described the process of selection and as well as enabling me to put together a much better statement we looked carefully at my choices of university and, for reasons I hadn’t considered, changed my list of 5. I ended up with 5 offers and chose Southampton, which I’m pleased about.
I am completely blown away by what you have previously done for me. You literally ‘talked me through’ my years doing A levels as I was about to drop out. You encouraged me to apply to Uni. “Forget about the past, you can’t change that, but you can build your future”. You supported, cajoled, encouraged and proved I could make something of myself and now I have a 1st Class Honours Degree in Sport and, if I can get the funding, will apply for a Masters – with your help? I did all this because you believed in me. I’m glad I was in the right place at the right time to meet you.
To be accepted by what many believe to be a top 10 University for Mathematics is beyond my wildest dreams. I am good at maths and have worked hard throughout my education but was still worried about getting the personal statement just right. Richard and I met twice to discuss it. His insight into what admissions officers look for helped me ‘revisit’ it and alter the tone to show the reader why they would want me in their seminar group. The changes were subtle but I believe I owe my place at Warwick to Richard’s suggestions.
I remember that you said to me “that a Personal Statement is like a piece of art and that so much work goes into it that once it's finished the artist - in that case me - had to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.” That sentence stuck with me as I believe that all things in life are like that. One of the best things on our meeting was that I was able, with your help, to write a Personal Statement that stayed true to myself. It was written in my writing style and at the same time sounded professional and grown up. I received five interviews out of my five choices.
I work in a large FE College supporting students with varying degrees of Asperger’s Syndrome. The majority wish to progress to HE. Due to their AS any life-change accentuates their individual anxiety levels, therefore support and guidance at this transition stage needs to be carefully and sensitively handled. My students have been fortunate in having access to Richard’s guidance experience and expertise. He has actively listened to their needs and discovered, through his patient and calm approach, how best to help them move forward.
I heard from One Degree More foundation and have been granted the funding for the 3 years at UWE and for a PGCE year in Canterbury after, which as you know will help me enormously during my time in Higher Education. You have helped me with so many things during my 2 year ‘journey to uni’, with my personal statement, online application to Student Finance England and now with One Degree More and am thrilled that I won’t have to worry financially during my time at Uni, which is down to you, so thank you!
Hey Richard, I’m now able to log on and track my application so it is all working now! after days of problems with accessing my uni application caused by my personal e mail account not being valid you came to the rescue. I’m not sure how you did it but thank you very much for getting that done, you were a massive help!
I chose a local University because I needed to live at home and continue looking after my mother. I found the whole UCAS application and Student Finance process very stressful as I was working and studying and looking after my mother. I found out last week that I'm going to be getting a £2000 grant from ‘One Degree More’ for my first year. Without this I would not have been able afford to go. So yeah I'm happy so thank you for helping with everything. UCAS application, personal statement and Student Finance!! :). Thank you so much Richard for all your support.
Richard, you helped me and my parents understand all that I had to do and helped with the Student Finance process in particular, which we found complex. Your advice with my personal statement was especially useful and I’m sure it got me into Southampton. Your knowledge of what the Health Sciences Faculty was looking for made all the difference. Thank you again.
When I first booked an appointment with Richard I wanted to know what my career prospects were. I had a major, life threatening accident which meant I had only partial use of my left arm. I used to play the saxophone. After several sessions with you patiently helping me with UCAS, funding AND self belief I will be starting a Music Technology course which I know will enable me to get an Honours Degree and the skills and experience to continue in an industry I love. Who would have known it? From builder to this in 3 years. Awesome.
I was not in the slightest bit confident about making an application to university let alone knowing which course and university would suit me best. Richard led me through the stages of the process and after 2 sessions we came up with my 5 choices with 2 as a safety net. I knew that the personal statement would be the thing that got me my place. Richard, you carefully talked me through my drafts until we chose the one that told ‘my story’. To be offered a place at Exeter to study Sport and Exercise Science is more than I could have dreamed about, in fact I’m still walking on air.
Talking with Richard changed the way I thought about my future. Welcoming and approachable - he listened intently and seemed to really understand my thoughts, giving insights and ideas personal to me without any bias. I left with a clear head, feeling confident and assured in my path ahead. Following our talk I applied to study Graphic Design at Falmouth University after taking a year out to travel. I’m now in my 2nd year at uni and could not be happier with where I’m going! Thank you again for your words of wisdom.
Richard, I have already received a grant from ‘One Degree More’ and Student Finance England have confirmed the loans and maintenance grant too, so now I’m not financially trapped and can look forward to an exciting future studying what I love. I went up to the Kent open day in Canterbury a few weeks ago which was a really reassuring experience. The town is beautiful and the University campus is fantastic. I should hear back about accommodation by the end of August but I am guaranteed to get one of my four choices.
I had been out of education for more than 7 years and felt rather unsure about the HE process. However, due to Richard’s expert knowledge and experience, I found the UCAS and Finance applications a breeze. He explained all my options carefully and showed me how to make my Personal Statement shine, enabling me to secure offers at Durham, Exeter and Southampton. Richard also supported my application for a Disabled Students’ Allowance. I cannot thank him enough for his support and guidance.
our help has been invaluable! I wouldn't have known where to even start without your support, especially at my age! Your advice has been bang on the mark, and my 'personal statement', with your guidance, has been the basis of my journey throughout the whole nerve-racking experience. It's such a competitive process that you really need to know the in's and out's of the system, something that's difficult to do when you hope to only do it once; we'd all do things differently with hindsight! And that's where your knowledge, Richard, is power!
Hey Richard, I’m now able to log on and track my application so it is all working now! after days of problems with accessing my uni application caused by my personal e mail account not being valid you came to the rescue. I’m not sure how you did it but thank you very much for getting that done, you were a massive help!